Thomas Lowndes in Food

At Thomas Lowndes we like to offer a unique service, which includes technical assistance, advice on dosage levels, recipe concepts and product development.

Our team of food experts can act as an extension of your team by creating concepts, lending development support and advice on alcohol dosage, always with the end product’s interest in mind.
All of our spirits and liqueurs are supplied at high strength or as an extract in order to deliver impact of flavour even at low dosage levels.


To enhance the premium nature of you range, we encourage the use of trademarks on products and are more than happy to make the process of putting brands on your packaging an easy and straightforward one.


We only select the most premium unbranded spirits to be part of our portfolio. Our Uniquely superior spirits are specifically chosen on taste to ensure that they deliver the quality of flavour required from each distinguishable profile.

For all NPD enquiries, technical assistance, advice on dosage levels or recipe concepts, please get in contact with us – one of our Food Experts, Sharon or Danny will be happy to help. 


Pink Peppercorn & Mustard Sauce with COURVOISIER® VS Cognac.
A blend of fresh stock, wholegrain mustard, pink peppercorns and a dash of cream laced with COURVOISIER® VS Cognac this vibrant savoury sauce is delicious served with steak or game.

Canadian Club® Canadian Whiskey

Spare Ribs with Honey and Canadian Club® Whisky Glaze Pork ribs marinated in a sticky sweet glaze flavoured with honey and laced with Canadian Club® Whisky.

The Famous Grouse® Blended Scotch Whisky

‘Hot Toddy’ Fruit Cake with THE FAMOUS GROUSE® Single Malt Whisky. A luxury moist cake with a selection of dried fruits and candied peel steeped in a blend of THE FAMOUS GROUSE® Single Malt Whisky, orange marmalade and spices.

Laphroaig® Islay Single Malt Whisky

Smoked Salmon with LAPHROAIG® Islay Single Malt Whisky.
Smoked salmon is marinated in LAPHROAIG® Islay Single Malt Whisky sprinkled with a little freshly ground black pepper.